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About Harold Greeney, owner of Yanayacu Biological Station:
"I grew up moving around the world with parents who were teachers. I have always loved insects and the outdoors and have known since I was 8 that I wished to grow up and study biology in South America. After graduating from college I spent a year in Ecuador and decided that that is where I wished to continue my studies for graduate school. Unhappy with graduate school and the narrow mindedness of many in my chosen profession, I decided not to persue a PhD but to return to Ecuador and to continue studying on my own. With the help of many others I created Yanayacu and now live there full time studying, drawing, and dreaming"
taken from Yanayacu website.
IBC Personal statistics:
  • First material posted on 24 November 2006
  • Number of videos posted: 196 covering 71 species (0.71%)
  • Number of photos posted: 0 covering 0 species (0%)
  • Number of sounds posted: 0 covering 0 species (0%)

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