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Richard Garrigues

Costa Rica



Richard Garrigues has been birding since the age of 16, when a Black-and-white Warbler—walking up a tree trunk just a few feet away from him in his suburban New Jersey home—made a lasting impression. Since 1981, he has lived in Costa Rica, where for more than 25 years he has been leading birding and natural history tours. He is also the author of the popular field guide: The Birds of Costa Rica, published in April 2007.

When the opportunity arose to visit northwestern Ecuador in June 2005, Richard purchased an inexpensive video camera (Canon ZR200) to document the trip. Between this trip and a subsequent one in November 2005 to eastern Ecuador, he managed to get some passable footage of a number of interesting species. Since then, he has been hooked. In May 2012, he began producing HD clips using a Sony HDR-CX260.
IBC Personal statistics:
  • First material posted on 21 July 2006
  • Number of videos posted: 652 covering 440 species (4.41%)
  • Number of photos posted: 3 covering 2 species (0.02%)
  • Number of sounds posted: 12 covering 12 species (0.12%)

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