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Pascal Vagner has material from:
Belgium ·Rwanda ·Ecuador ·France ·Galapagos Islands ·Senegal ·Japan ·Morocco ·Great Britain ·Spain ·Kenya ·Netherlands ·Italy ·Gibraltar ·Austria
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Pascal Vagner


Filming with Canon HFG30 since 2014 and editing with Final Cut Pro X. Previously filming with Sony camcorder HDR-XR520, tele converter and tripod, and editing on iMovie '11.
IBC Personal statistics:
  • First material posted on 21 December 2009
  • Number of videos posted: 424 covering 379 species (3.8%)
  • Number of photos posted: 8 covering 8 species (0.08%)
  • Number of sounds posted: 0 covering 0 species (0%)

Material by Pascal Vagner on IBC

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