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Helmut Schenkel Brunner

Vienna, Austria

Biochemist at the University of Vienna who during his student years spent as much time as possible in the Alps doing open-face rock climbing. After writing a major monograph on the chemistry and biochemistry of human blood groups, Helmut is now retired and happy to have time for ornithology and to continue his interrupted studies at the institute of zoology. If no birds are around, he will cheerfully film insects, small mammals, and plants, - he fully shares the late Roger Tory Peterson's philosophy that 'you have to love a place' with all its ecosystems and its entire diversity of life.
He began filming birds after a trip to the Shetlands and Fair Isle (UK) in the 80's with a super8 camera, then changed to video; he now works with a Canon MV700 Digital Camcorder. He has journeyed to all 7 continents, and covered ground from Spitzbergen to the Antarctic.
IBC Personal statistics:
  • First material posted on 25 April 2007
  • Number of videos posted: 276 covering 245 species (2.45%)
  • Number of photos posted: 10 covering 9 species (0.09%)
  • Number of sounds posted: 74 covering 64 species (0.64%)

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