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As a boy growing up near the outskirts of the Sultan Marshes, the past's magical wetland, Barbaros was the lone boy of the neighborhood, chasing all sorts of life forms such as lizards, agamas and all sort of passerines. Shortly after moving to the capital for his undergraduate study at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, he discovered that in addition to other elements of mankind, he might also be interested in birds and joined the birdwatching club where he met others, some of which have become today's foremost conservationists. Apart from birds, he is also interested in plants, but mainly with regards to their photos for which Turkey is a paradise. It was that interest which led him to map endangered endemic plants of the country in his Master's Degree Thesis. At present, he is studying as a PhD candidate in the department of geodesy and geographic information technologies, METU and focused on utilizing GIS for conservation purposes. He is one of the co-authors of a reference concerning Birds of Turkey, which will be printed in 2006. Several articles are also waiting for their turn.
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