Turacos (Musophagidae)

Yellow-billed Turaco (Tauraco macrorhynchus) - HBW 4, p. 501

French: Touraco à gros bec German: Blaurückenturako Spanish: Turaco Piquigualdo
Other common names: Black-tipped Crested/Verreaux's Turaco

Taxonomy: Corythaix macrorhynchus Fraser, 1839, Sierra Leone.
Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • macrorhynchus (Fraser, 1839) - Sierra Leone E to Ghana.
  • verreauxii (Schlegel, 1854) - Nigeria, Cameroon and Bioko (Fernando Póo) S to Gabon, SW Congo, W Zaire and N Angola (Cabinda).

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