White-eyes (Zosteropidae)

Yap Olive White-eye (Zosterops oleagineus) - HBW 13, p. 477

French: Zostérops de Yap German: Yapbrillenvogel Spanish: Anteojitos de Yap
Other common names: Olive-coloured/Large Yap/Yap (Greater) White-eye, Yap Rukia

Taxonomy: Zosterops oleaginea Hartlaub and Finsch, 1872, Yap, Caroline Islands.
A fairly large, rather distinctive-looking taxon that has in the past been placed in a monotypic genus, Kubaryum, and was subsequently transferred to Rukia, where sometimes still retained; however, DNA-DNA hybridization data indicate that it belongs in present genus. Possibly most closely related to Z. semperi. Monotypic.

Distribution: Yap, in W Caroline Is.

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