New World Warblers (Parulidae)

Wilson's Warbler (Wilsonia pusilla) - HBW 15, p. 778

French: Paruline à calotte noire German: Mönchswaldsänger Spanish: Reinita de Wilson
Other common names: Black-capped/Pileated Warbler

Taxonomy: Muscicapa pusilla A. Wilson, 1811, southern New Jersey, USA.
Relationship with congeners not clear. Three subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • pileolata ( Pallas, 1811) - breeds N Alaska S along coast to C British Columbia, including Queen Charlotte Is, also in W USA S in Rockies to N New Mexico and in coastal mountain ranges to C California; migrates to region from NW Mexico S to W Panama.
  • pusilla ( A. Wilson, 1811) - breeds C & S Canada (Mackenzie District of Northwest Territories and N Alberta E to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia) and NE USA (New England); migrates to region from E Mexico S to Costa Rica, also extreme S USA (extreme SE Texas and SW Gulf coast).
  • chryseola Ridgway, 1902 - breeds Pacific coast and W slope of coastal mountain ranges from SW British Columbia S to S California; migrates to region from NW Mexico (including Baja California) S to Panama.