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Honeyguides (Indicatoridae)

Willcocks's Honeyguide (Indicator willcocksi) - HBW 7, p. 290

French: Indicateur de Willcocks German: Guineahoniganzeiger Spanish: Indicador de Willcocks

Taxonomy: Indicator willcocksi Alexander, 1901, Prahou, Ghana.
May form a superspecies with I. meliphilus; that species is very similar in size and vocally, and responds readily to playback of present species’ song. Was long confused with I. exilis, but differs vocally. Races poorly known; form propinquus from Cameroon originally thought to be a distinct species, but now considered a synonym of nominate willcocksi. Birds collected in N Liberia (Wonegizi) thought to be I. exilis, but might in fact refer to present species. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • ansorgei C. H. B. Grant, 1915 - Guinea-Bissau.
  • willcocksi Alexander, 1901 - Sierre Leone E to S Nigeria, S Cameroon and W Uganda, S to Gabon and C & CE Zaire.
  • hutsoni Bannerman, 1928 - NC Nigeria E to S Chad and SW Sudan.

  •      No sound recordings available yet