Old World Warblers (Sylviidae)

White-winged Warbler (Bradypterus carpalis) - HBW 11, p. 599

French: Bouscarle à ailes blanches German: Bindenbuschsänger Spanish: Zarzalero Aliblanco
Other common names: White-winged Bush-warbler/Scrub-warbler

Taxonomy: Bradypterus carpalis Chapin, 1916, Faradje, Upper Uelle district, DRCongo.
Perhaps allied to B. baboecala, which it resembles vocally; these two, together with B. graueri and B. grandis, make up a group of four swamp-dwelling Afrotropical species. Monotypic.

Distribution: Locally in NE & E DRCongo (NE Uele and E Ituri, Kivu), SW & SE Uganda (Toro, W Ankole, Kigezi, and Sizibwa swamp), N, C & E Rwanda and C & E Burundi; also SW Kenya (L Victoria, from Yala swamp S to Kisumu and Kendu Bay) and N Zambia (R Luapula).

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