Australasian Robins (Petroicidae)

White-winged Robin (Peneothello sigillata) - HBW 12, p. 476

French: Miro à ailes blanches German: Spiegeldickichtschnäpper Spanish: Petroica Aliblanca
Other common names: White-winged Flyrobin/Thicket-robin/Thicket-flycatcher, Black Flycatcher-robin

Taxonomy: Poecilodryas ? sigillata De Vis, 1890, Mount Victoria, south-east New Guinea.
Four subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • quadrimaculata ( van Oort, 1910) - Nassau Mts and Oranje Mts, in WC New Guinea.
  • hagenensis Mayr & Gilliard, 1952 - C New Guinea mountains (from Mt Antares E to Mt Hagen).
  • sigillata ( De Vis, 1890) - C ranges in E & SE New Guinea (E from Schrader Mts, Bismarck Range and Kubor Range).
  • saruwagedi ( Mayr, 1931) - mountains of Huon Peninsula, in NE New Guinea.