Grebes (Podicipedidae)

White-tufted Grebe (Rollandia rolland) - HBW 1, p. 191

French: Grèbe de Rolland German: Rollandtaucher Spanish: Zampullín Pimpollo
Other common names: Rolland's/Falkland Grebe (rolland); Chilean Grebe (chilensis)

Taxonomy: Podiceps Rolland Quoy and Gaimard, 1824, Falkland Islands.
Sometimes included in Podiceps. Mainland races often considered to form a separate species (R. chilensis). Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • morrisoni (Simmons, 1962) - C Peru.
  • chilensis (Lesson, 1828) - NW Peru and SE Brazil S to Cape Horn; winters on coast, some S birds moving N to Paraguay and S Brazil.
  • rolland (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) - Falkland Is.