Crows (Corvidae)

White-throated Magpie-jay (Calocitta formosa) - HBW 14, p. 587

French: Geai à face blanche German: Langschwanzhäher Spanish: Urraca Hermosa Cariblanca

Taxonomy: Pica formosa Swainson, 1827, Temiscaltipec, Mexico.
Genus sometimes subsumed in Cyanocorax. Forms a superspecies with C. colliei; often considered conspecific, and the two interbreed in SW Mexico (Jalisco and Colima, where birds with intermediate characters locally common). A hybrid between present species and Psilorhinus morio recorded in S Mexico (Chiapas). Nominate race intergrades with azurea in Oaxaca (S Mexico). Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • formosa ( Swainson, 1827) - S Mexico from Colima, Michoacán and Puebla S to Oaxaca.
  • azurea Nelson, 1897 - Pacific slope in SE Mexico (Oaxaca and Chiapas) and W Guatemala.
  • pompata Bangs, 1914 - SE Mexico (interior of E Oaxaca, interior of Chiapas) and Atlantic side of Guatemala (Motagua Valley) S through El Salvador and W Honduras to NW Costa Rica.