Bulbuls (Pycnonotidae)

White-throated Greenbul (Phyllastrephus albigularis) - HBW 10, p. 216

French: Bulbul à gorge blanche German: Schuppenstirnbülbül Spanish: Bulbul Gorgiblanco

Taxonomy: Xenocichla albigularis Sharpe, 1882, Fantee, Ghana.
Distinctive species of unclear affinities; not obviously closely related to any other member of genus. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • albigularis (Sharpe, 1882) - SW Senegal, and Sierra Leone and SE Guinea E through C Nigeria to SW Central African Republic and S to S PRCongo; also NW, W & E DRCongo (Duma, lower R Congo at Kunungu, and E from Sankuru and Kasai), SE Central African Republic, extreme S Sudan, and NW, W & C Uganda.
  • viridiceps Rand, 1955 - NW Angola (Cuanza Norte, N Cuanza Sul).

  •      No sound recordings available yet