Jacamars (Galbulidae)

White-chinned Jacamar (Galbula tombacea) - HBW 7, p. 99

French: Jacamar à menton blanc German: Weißkinn-Glanzvogel Spanish: Jacamará Barbiblanco

Taxonomy: Galbula tombacea Spix, 1824, São Paulo de Olivença, Brazil.
Forms a superspecies with G. ruficauda, G. galbula, G. pastazae and G. cyanescens; most closely related to the last two. Differences between nominate race and mentalis possibly clinal. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • tombacea Spix, 1824 - E of Andes in Colombia (S of Villavicencio, in Meta), NE Ecuador (Napo), NE Peru (Loreto), and W Brazil S of Amazon (E to Tonantins area).
  • mentalis Todd, 1943 - NW Brazil on both banks of R Solimões (E to R Negro and R Madeira).