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Storm-petrels (Hydrobatidae)

White-bellied Storm-petrel (Fregetta grallaria) - HBW 1, p. 268

French: Océanite à ventre blanc German: Weißbauch Sturmschwalbe Spanish: Paíño Ventriblanco
Other common names: Vieillot's Storm-petrel

Taxonomy: Procellaria grallaria Vieillot, 1817, Australia.
Often treated together with sibling F. tropica, and classification of species and subspecies in genus Fregetta is tentative. Race leucogaster sometimes ascribed to F. tropica, may be invalid; race titan may be full species. Four subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • grallaria (Vieillot, 1817) - Lord Howe and Kermadec Is.
  • leucogaster (Gould, 1844) - Tristan da Cunha, (?) Gough I, St Paul and (?) Amsterdam Is.
  • segethi (Philippi & Landbeck, 1860) - Juan Fernández Is.
  • titan Murphy, 1928 - Rapa I in Austral Is (SC Pacific).

  •      No sound recordings available yet