Chachalacas, Guans and Curassows (Cracidae)

Wattled Curassow (Crax globulosa) - HBW 2, p. 361

French: Hocco globuleux German: Karunkelhokko Spanish: Pavón Carunculado
Other common names: Yarrell's/Globulose Curassow

Taxonomy: Crax globulosa Spix, 1825, Rio Solimnes, Brazil.
All members of genus form superspecies. C. carunculata and C. yarrellii are synonyms. A close relationship has been claimed between present species and C. blumenbachii, especially because of very similar plumage of males; but voice very different, indicating that they are not conspecific. Has hybridized in captivity with C. alberti. Monotypic.

Distribution: Amazon basin in Brazil, SE Colombia, E Ecuador, E Peru and N Bolivia; range very incompletely known.