Cranes (Gruidae)

Wattled Crane (Bugeranus carunculatus) - HBW 3, p. 84

French: Grue caronculée German: Klunkerkranich Spanish: Grulla Carunculada
Other common names: Great African Wattled Crane

Taxonomy: Ardea carunculata Gmelin, 1789, Cape of Good Hope.
Previously placed in Grus by some researchers, although recent ethological and DNA analysis suggests a closer relationship with Anthropoides species; both genera sometimes merged with Grus, but usually considered sufficiently distinct. Species has been considered congeneric with Grus leucogeranus alone, on basis of some morphological and behavioural similarities. Three main populations, but not considered subspecifically distinct. Monotypic.

Distribution: Ethiopia; Zaire, Zambia and Tanzania to Botswana and Mozambique, with outlying populations in Angola, Namibia and South Africa.

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