Rails, Gallinules and Coots (Rallidae)

Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus) - HBW 3, p. 169

French: Râle d'eau German: Wasserralle Spanish: Rascón Europeo

Taxonomy: Rallus aquaticus Linnaeus, 1758, Great Britain.
Forms superspecies with R. caerulescens and R. madagascariensis. Four subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • hibernans Salomonsen, 1931 - Iceland.
  • aquaticus Linnaeus, 1758 - Europe, N Africa and W Asia to upper basin of R Ob'; winters S to N Africa and Turkmenistan.
  • korejewi Zarudny, 1905 - Aral Sea and L Balkhash S to Iran, Kashmir and WC China; winters patchily from Iraq to coastal E China.
  • indicus Blyth, 1849 - N Mongolia and E Siberia (upper R Yenisey and middle R Lena) to Manchuria, Korea, Sakhalin and N Japan; winters from E Bengal and Assam, Myanmar, N Thailand and N Laos E to SE China and Hainan, Taiwan and S Japan.