Cuckoos (Cuculidae)

Violet Cuckoo (Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus) - HBW 4, p. 565

French: Coucou violet German: Amethystkuckuck Spanish: Cuclillo Violeta

Taxonomy: Cuculus xanthorhynchus Horsfield, 1821, Java.
Asian and Australasian forms of Chrysococcyx sometimes placed in genus Chalcites. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • xanthorhynchus (Horsfield, 1821) - NE India and Bangladesh E to Myanmar, Thailand and SC China (Yunnan), and S through Malay Peninsula and Indochina to Greater Sundas and SW Philippines (Palawan).
  • amethystinus (Vigors, 1831) - Philippines (Basilan, Cebu, Luzon, Mindoro, Samar, Mindanao, Catanduanes).