Bush-shrikes (Malaconotidae)

Turati's Boubou (Laniarius turatii) - HBW 14, p. 106

French: Gonolek de Turati German: Turatiw├╝rger Spanish: Bubú de Turati
Other common names: Turati's Bush-shrike/Bellshrike

Taxonomy: Dryoscopus turatii J. Verreaux, 1858, "Senegal"; error = Guinea-Bissau.
Forms a superspecies with L. aethiopicus and closely allied also with L. ferrugineus, L. sublacteus and L. bicolor, the five previously treated as a superspecies and sometimes even as a single species. Has been treated as a race of L. aethiopicus, but the two overlap in range in a tiny area around Bafodia, in N Sierra Leone (formerly forested, and may have separated the two), where they do not react to each other, even though voices very similar. Monotypic.

Distribution: Guinea-Bissau S to Sierra Leone.

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