Cardinals (Cardinalidae)

Thick-billed Saltator (Saltator maxillosus) - HBW 16, p. 418

French: Saltator à bec épais German: Dickschnabelsaltator Spanish: Pepitero Picudo

Taxonomy: Saltator maxillosus Cabanis, 1851, Montevideo; error = southern Brazil.
Affiliations of genus uncertain; recent molecular-genetic analyses indicate that it does not belong with present family, and may be better placed with tanagers (Thraupidae). Present species closely allied to S. nigriceps and S. aurantiirostris; interbreeding with latter has been reported, but recent studies state that there is little or no interbreeding. Monotypic.

Distribution: SE Brazil (extreme SE Bahia and extreme E Minas Gerais S to Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul) and extreme NE Argentina (Misiones).