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Bulbuls (Pycnonotidae)

Terrestrial Brownbul (Phyllastrephus terrestris) - HBW 10, p. 211

French: Bulbul jaboteur German: Laubbülbül Spanish: Bulbul Terrestre
Other common names: Terrestrial Bulbul, Bristle-necked Brownbul

Taxonomy: Phyllastrephus terrestris Swainson, 1837, Outeniekwa Forest, Western Cape, South Africa.
Race suahelicus intergrades clinally with intermedius in Malawi and N Mozambique. Poorly marked race bensoni (described from lower Meru Forest, in Kenya) is treated as a synonym of suahelicus; similarly, katangae (extreme SE DRCongo) synonymized with intermedius. Three subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • suahelicus Reichenow, 1904 - S Somalia and C & E Kenya (Meru and Chuka forests, Mt Kenya, coast) S to N Mozambique.
  • intermedius Gunning & Roberts, 1911 - SE DRCongo, Zambia, Malawi and N Mozambique S to N Botswana, Zimbabwe and NE South Africa (S to E KwaZulu-Natal); isolated population in SW Angola.
  • terrestris Swainson, 1837 - Swaziland and E & S South Africa (W KwaZulu-Natal S along coastal fringe to Western Cape).