Hawks and Eagles (Accipitridae)

Tawny Eagle (Aquila rapax) - HBW 2, p. 193

French: Aigle ravisseur German: Savannenadler Spanish: Aguila Rapaz

Taxonomy: Falco rapax Temminck, 1828, South Africa.
Forms superspecies with A. nipalensis, and sometimes considered conspecific. Race vindhiana has been considered separate species, but limited differences do not support this. Three subspecies normally recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • vindhiana Franklin, 1831 - Pakistan, India, and S Nepal; possibly also Burma.
  • belisarius (Levaillant, 1850) - Morocco and Algeria; S Arabia and tropical Africa S to N Zaire and N Kenya.
  • rapax (Temminck, 1828) - S Kenya and S Zaire S to South Africa and W to Angola and Namibia.

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