Buntings and New World Sparrows (Emberizidae)

Tanager Finch (Oreothraupis arremonops) - HBW 16, p. 580

French: Tohi élégant German: Tangarenbuschammer Spanish: Cerquero Tangarino
Other common names: Finch-like Tanager

Taxonomy: Saltator arremonops P. L. Sclater, 1855, north of Quito, Ecuador.
Relationships unclear. Originally thought to be a saltator (Saltator) in the cardinal family (Cardinalidae) on basis of thick bill, and has been considered a tanager (Thraupidae), yet aspects of plumage, behaviour, voice and nesting suggest affiliation with Atlapetes. Monotypic.

Distribution: Very patchily in W Andes of Colombia (Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Nariño) and NW Ecuador (Imbabura and Pichincha).