Petrels and Shearwaters (Procellariidae)

Tahiti Petrel (Pterodroma rostrata) - HBW 1, p. 237

French: Pétrel de Tahiti German: Tahitisturmvogel Spanish: Petrel de Tahití
Other common names: Beck's Petrel (becki)

Taxonomy: Procellaria rostrata Peale, 1848, mountains about 6,000 feet on Tahiti, Society Islands.
Sometimes placed in genus Pseudobulweria; forms superspecies with P. macgillivrayi. Race becki sometimes considered separate species on basis merely of smaller size; only known from two specimens and some recent sightings. P. aterrima may be better considered race of present species. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • rostrata (Peale, 1848) - Society Is, Marquesas Is.
  • becki Murphy, 1928 - Bismarck Archipelago (?), Solomon Is (?).
  • trouessarti Brasil, 1917 - New Caledonia.

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