Wrens (Troglodytidae)

Stripe-backed Wren (Campylorhynchus nuchalis) - HBW 10, p. 407

French: Troglodyte rayé German: Pantherzaunkönig Spanish: Cucarachero Chocorocoy
Other common names: Stripe-backed Cactus-wren, Banded Wren

Taxonomy: Campylorhynchus nuchalis Cabanis, 1847, Cumaná, Sucre, Venezuela.
Has been thought to form a superspecies with C. albobrunneus, C. fasciatus and C. zonatus. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • pardus P. L. Sclater, 1858 - Caribbean coast of Colombia (Magdalena and Bolívar S to c. 8ºN).
  • brevipennis Lawrence, 1866 - N Venezuela (Yaracuy E to Miranda, S to Guárico).
  • nuchalis Cabanis, 1847 - C & E Venezuela (Barinas E to W Sucre and Delta Amacuro, S to Apure and N Bolívar).