Tanagers (Thraupidae)

Straw-backed Tanager (Tangara argyrofenges) - HBW 16, p. 240

French: Calliste à gorge verte German: Grünkehltangare Spanish: Tangara Dorsipajiza
Other common names: Green-throated Tanager

Taxonomy: Calliste argyrofenges P. L. Sclater and Salvin, 1876, Yungas, La Paz, Bolivia.
Molecular-genetic data indicate that this species, T. heinei, T. phillipsi and T. viridicollis form a species group, and that T. cyanoptera is sister to this group. Sympatric with very similar T. viridicollis at Panguri, in S Ecuador. Most of the characters ascribed to race caeruleigularis appear to have little or no value, and species may be better treated as monotypic. Two subspecies tentatively recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • caeruleigularis Carriker, 1935 - extreme SE Ecuador (S Zamora-Chinchipe) and N & C Peru (E slope of Andes in Amazonas and San Martín, also a few scattered records Junín and Pasco).
  • argyrofenges (P. L. Sclater & Salvin, 1876) - E slope of Andes in Bolivia (La Paz, Cochabamba and W Santa Cruz).

  • Vulnerable
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