Typical Owls (Strigidae)

Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis) - HBW 5, p. 199

French: Chouette tachetée German: Fleckenkauz Spanish: Cárabo Californiano
Other common names: Mexican/Mountain Spotted Owl, Mountain Forest Owl (lucida)

Taxonomy: Syrnium occidentale Xántus de Vesey, 1860, Fort Tejon, California.
May be member of superspecies that includes S. varia and S. fulvescens. Occasionally hybridizes with S. varia in Mexico, where ranges overlap. Race lucida very pale, possibly specifically distinct. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • caurina (Merriam, 1898) - SW Canada (British Columbia), S through W USA Coast Ranges to N California.
  • occidentalis (Xántus de Vesey, 1860) - C & S Californian Coast Ranges and W slope of Sierra Nevada, S to N Baja California.
  • lucida (Nelson, 1903) - from N Arizona, SE Utah and S Colorado S to N & C Mexico (S to Michoacán and Guanajuato).

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