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Toucans (Ramphastidae)

Spot-billed Toucanet (Selenidera maculirostris) - HBW 7, p. 256

French: Toucanet à bec tacheté German: Fleckenarassari Spanish: Tucanete Piquimaculado

Taxonomy: Pteroglossus maculirostris M. H. K. Lichtenstein, 1823, Brazil.
Probably forms a superspecies with S. nattereri, S. reinwardtii and S. gouldii; S. culik and S. spectabilis have sometimes been included too, but these two appear to differ from others in voice and display behaviour. Closely related to S. gouldii, and possibly conspecific, as sometimes treated. Forms described as hellmayri (NC Brazil) and baturitensis (NE Brazil), apparently result only of clinal variation, usually treated as part of S. gouldii, but sometimes included in present species. Monotypic.

Distribution: Atlantic forest of SE Brazil (S Bahia and E Minas Gerais S to Paraná and Santa Catarina, possibly to Rio Grande do Sul), also adjacent E Paraguay and NE Argentina (Misiones).