Wrens (Troglodytidae)

Speckle-breasted Wren (Thryothorus sclateri) - HBW 10, p. 424

French: Troglodyte de Sclater German: Pünktchenbrust-Zaunkönig Spanish: Cucarachero Jaspeado
Other common names: Maranon Wren

Taxonomy: Thryothorus sclateri Taczanowski, 1879, Guajango, River Marañón, Cajamarca, Peru.
Sometimes treated as conspecific with T. maculipectus or T. rutilus, or with both, but all three differ substantially in plumage and in song. Race paucimaculatus suggested by some as meriting rank of full species. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • columbianus (Chapman, 1924) - Colombia, on W slope of C Andes (in Valle) and, disjunctly, W slope of E range (in Cundinamarca).
  • paucimaculatus Sharpe, 1882 - W Ecuador (Manabí S to Loja).
  • sclateri Taczanowski, 1879 - R Marañón drainage in extreme S Ecuador and N Peru (Cajamarca).