Shrikes (Laniidae)

Southern White-crowned Shrike (Eurocephalus anguitimens) - HBW 13, p. 795

French: Eurocéphale à couronne blanche German: Weißscheitelwürger Spanish: Alcaudón Coroniblanco
Other common names: (Smith’s) White-crowned Shrike

Taxonomy: Eurocephalus anguitimens A. Smith, 1836, “between Latakoo and the Tropic” = northern South Africa.
Genus formerly included with the helmet-shrikes (Prionopidae), which were at the time treated as a subfamily of Malaconotidae; recent studies, however, suggest that it belongs with Laniidae. Forms a superspecies with E. ruppelli. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • anguitimens A. Smith, 1836 - SW & S Angola and N & NE Namibia E to Botswana (except SW), extreme S Zambia, C plateau of Zimbabwe, and N South Africa (W Limpopo Province).
  • niveus Clancey, 1965 - SE Zimbabwe and adjacent SW Mozambique S to NE South Africa (E Limpopo S to extreme N KwaZulu-Natal) and NE Swaziland.

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