Bush-shrikes (Malaconotidae)

Southern Tchagra (Tchagra tchagra) - HBW 14, p. 92

French: Tchagra du Cap German: Kaptschagra Spanish: Chagra de El Cabo
Other common names: Levaillant's Tchagra, Tchagra Shrike

Taxonomy: Thamnophilus tchagra Vieillot, 1816, "Senegal ... to Cafferland" = Gamtoos River, South Africa.
Forms a superspecies with T. australis and T. jamesi. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • natalensis ( Reichenow, 1903) - NE South Africa (E Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal) and W Swaziland.
  • caffrariae Quickelberge, 1967 - Eastern Cape from KwaZulu-Natal border S to area of R Great Fish.
  • tchagra ( Vieillot, 1816) - S South Africa from S Western Cape E to S Eastern Cape (E to Uitenhage region).

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