Larks (Alaudidae)

Somali Short-toed Lark (Calandrella somalica) - HBW 9, p. 585

French: Alouette roussâtre German: Somalilerche Spanish: Terrera Somalí
Other common names: Rufous Short-toed Lark; Athi Lark/Short-toed Lark (athensis)

Taxonomy: Alaudula somalica Sharpe, 1895, Haud, north Somalia.
May form a superspecies with C. rufescens, with which sometimes treated as conspecific, and C. raytal. Distinctive race athensis sometimes considered a separate species. Described race vulpecula (from N Somalia) considered synonymous with nominate. Birds recorded in C Kenya of uncertain racial identity, tentatively included in megaensis. Four subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • perconfusa C. M. N. White, 1960 - NW Somalia.
  • somalica (Sharpe, 1895) - E Ethiopia and N Somalia.
  • megaensis Benson, 1946 - S Ethiopia and N & C Kenya.
  • athensis (Sharpe, 1900) - S Kenya (S from Nairobi National Park and Athi Plains) and N Tanzania.

  •      No sound recordings available yet