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Old World Warblers (Sylviidae)

Smoky Warbler (Phylloscopus fuligiventer) - HBW 11, p. 655

French: Pouillot enfumé German: Rußlaubsänger Spanish: Mosquitero Ahumado
Other common names: Smoky Leaf-warbler, Smoky Willow Warbler; Sikang/Xinjiang Warbler (tibetanus)

Taxonomy: H[orornis].? fuligiventer Hodgson, 1845, Nepal.
Has sometimes been treated as conspecific with P. fuscatus. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • fuligiventer (Hodgson, 1845) - breeds Himalayas of C Nepal and SW China (S Xizang), Sikkim and Bhutan; non-breeding adjacent foothills and N & NE India.
  • tibetanus Ticehurst, 1937 - breeds Himalayas of E Nepal and SW China (SE Xizang); non-breeding NE India (Arunachal Pradesh and N Assam).

  • Least Concern
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