Typical Antbirds (Thamnophilidae)

Sclater's Antwren (Myrmotherula sclateri) - HBW 8, p. 580

French: Myrmidon de Sclater German: Gelbstreifen-Ameisenschlüpfer Spanish: Hormiguerito de Sclater

Taxonomy: Myrmotherula sclateri Snethlage, 1912, Boim, Rio Tapajós, Pará, Brazil.
Forms a superspecies with M. ambigua. Genetic and morphological analyses indicate that both species are part of a monophyletic group that also includes M. brachyura, M. ignota, M. surinamensis, M. multostriata, M. pacifica, M. cherriei, M. klagesi and M. longicauda (the “streaked antwren assemblage”). Form described as M. kermiti (“Kermit’s Antwren”) was based on variants of present species. Monotypic.

Distribution: E Peru (S of R Amazon, E of R Ucayali), S Amazonian Brazil (E to lower R Xingu and S to N Mato Grosso) and NW & NE Bolivia (Pando, N La Paz, NE Santa Cruz).

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