Woodcreepers (Dendrocolaptidae)

Scaled Woodcreeper (Lepidocolaptes squamatus) - HBW 8, p. 442

French: Grimpar écaillé German: Fleckenbauch-Baumsteiger Spanish: Trepatroncos Escamado

Taxonomy: Dendrocolaptes squamatus M. H. K. Lichtenstein, 1822, State of São Paulo, Brazil.
Sister-species to L. falcinellus; previously regarded as conspecific, but three plumage characters (crown pattern, and coloration of back and of tail) and measurements differ significantly between populations on opposite sides of R Paraíba do Sul, in N São Paulo. Genetic distance between nominate race and wagleri relatively small, and one specimen has a blending of characters, these together suggesting that one biological species is involved. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • wagleri (Spix, 1824) - NE Brazil W of R São Francisco (S Piauí, W Bahia, N Minas Gerais).
  • squamatus (M. H. K. Lichtenstein, 1822) - E & SE Brazil, S & E of R São Francisco, from C Bahia and Minas Gerais S to N bank of R Paraíba do Sul (N São Paulo).