Babblers (Timaliidae)

Rusty Laughingthrush (Dryonastes poecilorhynchus) - HBW 12, p. 232

French: Garrulaxe à tête rayée German: Taiwan-Graubauchhäherling Spanish: Charlatán Rojizo de Formosa
Other common names: Scaly-headed/Rufous Laughingthrush, Taiwan Rusty Laughingthrush

Taxonomy: Garrulax poecilorhyncha Gould, 1863, Taiwan.
Genus traditionally subsumed in Garrulax, but differs in some small details of morphology. Closely related to and may form a superspecies with D. caerulatus and D. berthemyi; in the past all three were treated as conspecific; until recently, present species normally lumped with D. berthemyi. Monotypic.

Distribution: Taiwan.