Tanagers (Thraupidae)

Rufous-browed Hemispingus (Hemispingus rufosuperciliaris) - HBW 16, p. 168

French: Tangara à sourcils fauves German: Zimtbrauenhemispingus Spanish: Hemispingo Cejirrufo
Other common names: Rufous-browed Tanager

Taxonomy: Hemispingus rufosuperciliaris Blake and Hocking, 1974, Bosque Huaylaspampa, c. 8400 feet [c. 2560 m], Huánuco, Peru.
Genus has been thought to belong with New World warblers (Parulidae), but recent molecular-genetic data support placement in present family; monophyly of genus questioned, supported by some molecular data, but other molecular data equivocal. Monotypic.

Distribution: E slope of Andes in Peru from Amazonas (S of R Marañón in Cordillera de Colán) S to Huánuco (W of R Huallaga in Acomayo–Carpish Ridge region of Carpish Mts).