Ducks, Geese and Swans (Anatidae)

Ruddy Shelduck (Tadorna ferruginea) - HBW 1, p. 591

French: Tadorne casarca German: Rostgans Spanish: Tarro Canelo
Other common names: Brahminy Duck

Taxonomy: Anas ferruginea Pallas, 1764, no locality = Tartary.
Sometimes placed in genus Casarca, together with T. cana, T. tadornoides and T. variegata. Forms superspecies with T. cana; some also include T. tadornoides and T. variegata. Hybridization reported in captivity with several species of Tadorna, including T. radjah, large species of genus Anas, and Alopochen aegyptiacus. Monotypic.

Distribution: SE Europe E to L Baikal and Mongolia; also in NW Africa, Ethiopian highlands. Formerly more widespread in W part of range.