Turacos (Musophagidae)

Ross's Turaco (Musophaga rossae) - HBW 4, p. 504

French: Touraco de Lady Ross German: Rossturako Spanish: Turaco de Ross
Other common names: Ross's Lourie, Lady Ross's Violet Plantain-eater/Turaco

Taxonomy: Musophaga Rossæ Gould, 1852, Angola.
Forms a superspecies with M. violacea. Monotypic.

Distribution: Widely distributed from NE & E Zaire, S Sudan, Uganda, W Kenya, NW Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi to all of S Zaire, N & E Angola and N Zambia; also isolated populations in NE Gabon, Cameroon, N Central African Republic, and at one or two localities in the Caprivi Strip and in the Okavango Delta in NW Botswana. May be sympatric with M. violacea in N Central African Republic and near Galim in C Cameroon.