Babblers (Timaliidae)

Reinward's Babbler (Turdoides reinwardtii) - HBW 12, p. 222

French: Cratérope à tête noire German: Weißaugendrossling Spanish: Turdoide Cabecinegro
Other common names: Blackcap/Black-eyed Babbler

Taxonomy: Crateropus Reinwardii [sic] Swainson, 1831, “Indian Islands”; error = Senegal.
Has been thought possibly to form a superspecies, and even perhaps to be conspecific, with T. melanops and T. tenebrosa. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • reinwardtii (Swainson, 1831) - Senegal E to Mali and Sierra Leone.
  • stictilaema (Alexander, 1901) - N Ivory Coast, S Burkina Faso and Ghana E to Cameroon, S Chad, WC & S Central African Republic and extreme N DRCongo.