Bush-shrikes (Malaconotidae)

Red-naped Bush-shrike (Laniarius ruficeps) - HBW 14, p. 102

French: Gonolek à nuque rouge German: Rotnackenwürger Spanish: Bubú Nuquirrojo
Other common names: Red-naped Shrike, Red-crowned Shrike/Bush-shrike

Taxonomy: Dryoscopus ruficeps Shelley, 1885, Burao, Somalia.
Recent molecular-genetic studies indicate that this species is closest to L. erlangeri, the two composing a clade (lineage) that is deeper-branched than, or sister to, L. aethiopicus, L. turatii, L. ferrugineus, L. sublacteus, L. bicolor, L. barbarus, L. erythrogaster, L. mufumbiri and L. atroflavus. Three subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • ruficeps ( Shelley, 1885) - NW Somalia.
  • rufinuchalis ( Sharpe, 1895) - EC, S & SE Ethiopia and C & S Somalia (except SE coast).
  • kismayensis ( Erlanger, 1901) - S Somalia coastal lowlands and NE & SE Kenya.

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