Whistlers (Pachycephalidae)

Red-lored Whistler (Pachycephala rufogularis) - HBW 12, p. 412

French: Siffleur à face rousse German: Rotzügel-Dickkopf Spanish: Silbador Gorjirrufo
Other common names: Red-throated/Buff-breasted Whistler, Red-lored Thickhead

Taxonomy: Pachycephala rufogularis Gould, 1841, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
Probably closest to P. olivacea and P. inornata, and all three sometimes combined in subgenus Timixos; has been suggested that these three species represent one of the earlier lineages in the genus. Monotypic.

Distribution: SE South Australia (including NE Eyre Peninsula), NW Victoria and SW & C New South Wales.