Toucans (Ramphastidae)

Red-breasted Toucan (Ramphastos dicolorus) - HBW 7, p. 269

French: Toucan à ventre rouge German: Bunttukan Spanish: Tucán Bicolor
Other common names: Green-billed/Keel-billed(!) Toucan

Taxonomy: Ramphastos dicolorus Linnaeus, 1766, Cayenne; error = south-eastern Brazil.
No very close relatives. One of the so-called “croaking group” of Ramphastos species, along with R. sulfuratus, R. brevis, R. vitellinus and R. toco; possibly closest to R. sulfuratus. Has hybridized with R. vitellinus. Monotypic.

Distribution: SC, CE & SE Brazil (S Tocantins, C Minas Gerais and W Espírito Santo to NC Rio Grande do Sul) to E Paraguay and N Argentina (E Chaco, Corrientes).