Pigeons and Doves (Columbidae)

Polynesian Imperial-pigeon (Ducula aurorae) - HBW 4, p. 230

French: Carpophage de la Société German: Aurorafruchttaube Spanish: Dúcula de las Sociedad
Other common names: Society Islands/Tahitian/Aurora Pigeon

Taxonomy: Carpophaga auroræ Peale, 1848, Makatea (formerly Aurora I), Tuamotu Archipelago.
Sometimes considered a subspecies of D. pacifica; these two form a superspecies, along with D. oceanica and perhaps D. galeata. Race wilkesii sometimes considered invalid. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • aurorae (Peale, 1848) - Makatea (Tuamotu Archipelago).
  • wilkesii (Peale, 1848) - Tahiti (Society Is).