Thornbills (Acanthizidae)

Pilotbird (Pycnoptilus floccosus) - HBW 12, p. 579

French: Pycnoptile compagnon German: Leierschwanzlakai Spanish: Acantiza Piloto

Taxonomy: Pycnoptilus floccosus Gould, 1851, Brindabella Ranges towards Murrumbidgee River, New South Wales, Australia.
Taxonomic placement unresolved; some features suggest a link with bristlebirds (Dasyornithidae), perhaps a result of convergence, but others fit present family, of which currently treated as an aberrant member. Two subspecies recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • floccosus Gould, 1851 - Snowy Mts of New South Wales (from Brindabella Range S to Kosciusko escarpment), in SE Australia.
  • sandlandi Mathews, 1912 - coastal New South Wales (S from Newcastle) and Victoria (E from Melbourne).