Buntings and New World Sparrows (Emberizidae)

Peg-billed Finch (Acanthidops bairdi) - HBW 16, p. 615

French: Bec-en-cheville gris German: Spitzschnabelämmerling Spanish: Yal Costarricense

Taxonomy: Acanthidops bairdi Ridgway, 1882, Volcán de Irazú, Costa Rica.
Molecular evidence and bill shape suggest that genus is part of a group that contains also Diglossa and Xenodacnis (both currently placed in family Thraupidae) and Catamenia, but plumage details suggest that it may be closest to Haplospiza. Species name often misspelt “bairdii”. Monotypic.

Distribution: Highlands of Costa Rica (S from Cordillera Guanacaste) and W Panama (W Chiriquí).

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