Woodpeckers (Picidae)

Pale-crested Woodpecker (Celeus lugubris) - HBW 7, p. 521

French: Pic à tête pâle German: Blassschopfspecht Spanish: Carpintero Lúgubre

Taxonomy: Celeopicus lugubris Malherbe, 1851, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
Possibly forms a superspecies with C. castaneus, C. elegans and C. flavescens. Sometimes treated as conspecific with last of these. Has apparently hybridized, rarely, with C. elegans. Proposed race roosevelti (W Mato Grosso) regarded as synonymous with nominate. Two subspecies currently recognized.

Subspecies and Distribution:

  • lugubris (Malherbe, 1851) - E Bolivia and WC Brazil (W Mato Grosso).
  • kerri Hargitt, 1891 - Paraguay (except extreme E) and WC Brazil (S Mato Grosso) to NE Argentina (E Formosa, Corrientes).