Sunbirds (Nectariniidae)

Orange-tufted Sunbird (Cinnyris bouvieri) - HBW 13, p. 289

French: Souimanga de Bouvier German: Bouviernektarvogel Spanish: Suimanga de Bouvier
Other common names: Bouvier’s (Orange-tufted) Sunbird, Southern Orange-tufted Sunbird

Taxonomy: Cinnyris bouvieri Shelley, 1877, Landana, Cabinda, Angola.
Genus often subsumed in Nectarinia. Has been thought perhaps to form a superspecies with C. osea, C. oustaleti, C. talatala and C. asiaticus. Birds from W shore of L Tanganyika, in E DRCongo, described as race tanganyicae, but considered inadequately differentiated from birds elsewhere in species’ range. Monotypic.

Distribution: Scattered localities from SE Nigeria (Obudu and Mambilla Plateaux) and W & C Cameroon S to Equatorial Guinea, S & E Gabon, PRCongo and N Angola, E to W & S Central African Republic, DRCongo, Uganda, extreme W Kenya, NW Tanzania and NW Zambia.

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